How to clean your beauty blender with a specially formulated cleanser

As far as makeup tools go, the beauty blender reigns supreme. The teardrop-shaped sponges effectively apply everything from skincare to makeup and even powder. One very obvious downside to this beauty essential is that you need to wet it before using it. If you don't clean the sponge often enough, not only will it disintegrate but it will also transfer bacteria to your skin.
Keeping this little tool clean isn't labor intensive, but it does need to be done frequently (either daily or every few days) to ensure it remains sanitary. You just need a few items and some patience, and your pretty teardrop will look brand-new within minutes. Because you may have just purchased your first one, take a look at this quick video and the how-to-instructions below for a good start.
- Beauty blender cleanser
- Water
1. Begin by wetting the beauty blender thoroughly in the sink.
2. Apply a dime-sized amount of cleanser directly to the sponge.
3. In gentle pressing motions, squeeze the beauty blender to work the cleanser into the middle. It should lather up as you work.
4. When it looks like the makeup is starting to break up, add more water and continue squeezing out the foam until the sponge looks clean. Tip: If it's extra dirty, you can soak it overnight in the cleansing liquid.
5. Rinse thoroughly and let the sponge air dry.
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