How to blend eyeshadow

If there is any makeup technique that is a game changer any time, it's the art of blending. With this little bit of know-how, your eye makeup will look professionally applied. Not everyone, however, knows how to master this trick.
In this short video, you'll see exactly how to blend out your favorite eyeshadow for a flawless look. For best results, get out your favorite blending brush, favorite shade of shadow and a slightly lighter shade to blend. Get ready to transform your eye makeup game.
- Dark eyeshadow
- Medium eyeshadow
- Blending brush
1. Select your favorite dark eyeshadow shade and carefully apply on your eyelid. Make sure to keep it only on the eyelid, stopping below the crease of your eye.
2. Pick up the medium eyeshadow on the blending brush. This is the transition shade.
3. Using patience and a windshield wiper motion, blend out the medium eyeshadow in the crease of your eye. Take your time to produce the most natural look.
With just two eyeshadows and a little bit of patience, you have a professional-looking smokey eye. Tip: Use a dark shadow with a little bit of shimmer to brighten the eye and make the entire look pop.
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