How to use Post-it notes to create a crisp edge

When you're just learning how to apply eyeshadow, you need all the help and advice you can get. If you're trying to create a multicolor look, you may find it difficult to keep your colors neat. That's normal – especially when you attempt to extend shadow in a wing or cat's eye shape. Those looks are challenging even for makeup mavens.
If you're having trouble keeping everything in place, you might have better luck when using a straight edge as a guide. You can use a credit card, a business card or a Post-it Note, which is shown in the video. The Post-it works especially well because of its sticky backing, which leads it to move less while you're applying shadow. Check out the quick tutorial to see if this might solve your fallout woes.
- Post-it Notes
- Eyeshadow
- Eyeshadow brush
1. Remove a Post-it from the pad and align it with the outer corner of your upper eyelid, making sure it's firmly in place.
2. Apply eyeshadow with light to medium pressure, concentrating on the outer corner and blending inward. You may want to hold the Post-it Note as you work to keep it from shifting.
3. When you're done applying color, peel the Post-it Note off in an upward direction. This will keep any excess product from falling onto your cheeks. Tip: Feel free to lightly buff the edge of the shadow upward if it looks too harsh.
That's it! No makeup remover needed because you've applied the eyeshadow perfectly.
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