How to use a gel liner and eyeliner brush

Take a look on YouTube or Instagram and you'll quickly see that winged liner is more than a passing fad. You can easily turn heads with a sharp wing, but getting it just right can be a challenge. If you've struggled with liquid eyeliner in the past, take heart. Achieving a beautiful wing using gel liner is easier than you think.
Because precision is the goal, you need the proper tool. Some expert guidance also helps. This short video walks you through the steps of application. There's even a really smart tip that will prevent eyeliner overload. Watch the video, and you'll be slaying that winged look in no time.
- Angled eyeliner brush
- Gel liner
- Paper towel
1. Dip the eyeliner brush into the gel liner pot, making sure you get product on both sides of the tip.
2. Here's that smart tip. Gently wipe off the excess product onto the paper towel. Because gel liner can occasionally be clumpy, this quick step will ensure that the product applies smoothly and sharply.
3. Start the wing by looking down and angling the brush toward the outer tail of your eye brow.
4. Apply liner from the tip of the wing downward toward your upper lash line. Fill in any gaps before moving on to the other eye.
5. Repeat these four steps on the remaining eye.
That's it. You're all done. Tip: Wipe the eyeliner brush on the paper towel after you're finished as well, to keep it in good condition for next time.
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