5+ braided hairstyles that look absolutely stunning with bangs

Bangs are a versatile hair choice that soften your look and frame your face nicely. They can be difficult, however, to work into favorite hairstyles naturally. Many braided hairstyles must be modified for bangs and can even look a little strange.
That's not the case with the following hairstyles. Each easily incorporates braids into cute and quick hairstyles that are bangs-friendly. Pull out your bobby pins and hair ties, and get ready to rock one of these ultra-trendy styles.
1. Messy bun with braids on the side
The messy bun is a go-to styles for its on-trend look and ease to create. The artful style of the just-tossed-it-up look can also incorporate braids. Check out this video to see how you can add tousled, effortless braids to your messy bun in just minutes. You just need small elastics and bobby pins to create this style.
2. Twist braid into low bun
This boho updo works well with bangs hairstyles. Using the unique method of twisting sections of hair and then braiding them, you can create a crown braid of gorgeous texture. Although twisting the sections and then braiding them can take a little practice to coordinate, the pretty, feminine hairstyle in this video is well worth it. Set aside a lot of bobby pins to help secure the bun.
3. Simple three-strand braid pigtails
This hairstyle is a classic. Basic braided pigtails are easy to do and are one of the styles that looks so cute with bangs. Watch this video to learn how to do simple braided pigtails and then add volume for a casual and fun look. Don’t miss how she easily camouflages the elastic bands at the end of the braids.
4. Crown braid with bangs
This crown braid is a stunning date night hairstyle, and the best part is it only takes two simple braids and a few minutes to create. The crown braid wraps up from behind the ears over the top of the head, framing bangs nicely. Tip: Like this video shows, it’s best to wear the rest of your hair down when rocking this hairstyle as it gives you more options for hiding the ends of the braids.
5. Half up half down with braid
This half up, half down braided hairstyle may take a little more practice, but it’s totally worth it. This braid is completely bangs-friendly, and the half down style is a great look for more formal events or dates. Especially appealing is how the flip at the beginning adds more texture to the top of the braid. It’s gorgeous and so easy to master.
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