Going out? Try one of these low bun braided hairstyles

When the weather starts to heat up, creating a pretty updo is a useful way to keep cool while looking stylish. You can always pull your hair into a top bun, but these five precious styles have the added advantage of looking soft and casual. The beauty of a low bun is that it shouldn't be too precise or perfect. You're going for relaxed and low-key – not uptight.
For beginners, we've included a few options that include simple braids. If you've mastered the Dutch braid, then you'll be happy to see a few new options for using your skills as well. Ultimately, all five of these looks will be easy to master after watching their accompanying videos. Gather some elastics, bobby pins and hair spray, and get ready for a new favorite look.
1. Double twist low buns
Although a simple bun may be perfect for bad hair days, double buns with a fancy twist elevate this look into something soft and romantic. The quick video shows you just how easy this twisted style is. You'll get your hair off your neck in a pretty updo that only requires a few minutes of prep. You don't need to be a master at braiding, either.
2. Messy braided low bun
Messy can be sexy, especially when it comes to a playful less-than-perfect hairstyle. Turn a simple low bun into a stylish updo by adding two Dutch braids. This style looks complicated, but you won't actually be braiding all of your hair. Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to turn a casual weekend look into something with flair.
3. Fancy party braided low bun
If you can make a ponytail, then you can master this simple but fancy look in no time. The video breaks this look down step-by-step and shows you just how easy it is to create. You don't even need to braid large sections of hair, either. The tiny decorative braids are simply pinned back to provide a bit more detail.
4. Dutch braid low bun
For an extra-romantic updo, try this soft, fluffy double Dutch low bun. Dutch braids are similar to French braids except for the way the hair is crossed over. Take a look at the video to learn how to pancake braids and finish with a soft bun. Tip: Use some hair spray to give the ponytail-turned-bun more volume and softness.
5. 2-minute braid low bun
If you're really pressed for time or just looking for a chic-looking bun, this one's for you. It combines a ponytail, a braid and a bun all in one. Check out the quick video, and you'll learn how to achieve the twisty effect without braiding the sides. This is also really easy because the braid itself is just a standard one so it works for beginners and pros alike.
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