6 tips to get longer wear out of your nail polish

I love painting my nails. It's a quick way to feel a little prettier, even on weeks I'm stuck sitting behind the computer busting out articles for a deadline, or stuck behind the steering wheel shuttling the kids to activities. But, I don't love when my polish chips in a day or two, and my nails look sloppy.
If you're tired of wasting time (and money) on manicures that don't last, check out a few of these tips to keep your nails in tip-top shape a little longer.
1. Keep your nails short (h/t Gena M)
One simple way to make sure your polish lasts longer is to keep your nails short. Longer nails chip easier because they are more likely to bump into things and even microscopic chips can reduce the longevity of your nail job, according to Glam Me Up. ​
2. Clean your nails with vinegar
Build up, and oil will break down any polish you put on our nails. To slow the breakdown and make your manicure last longer, use a cotton swab to wipe your nails down with vinegar. The vinegar gives your nails an extra thorough cleaning, so your polish stays longer, Cosmopolitan recommends.
3. File your nails and corners
Glam me up also recommends filing the edges and corners of your nails until they are smooth. Polish is more likely to start chipping in the corner of your nail. Creating smooth edges reduces the chance of accidental chipping.
4. Use your top and bottom coats
One of the best ways to keep your polish on is to use a base coat (which adheres to your color), and a top coat, which seals the polish and protects it from water and oils. XO Jane says that a matte top coat as a base coat works well.
5. Roll the polish instead of shaking it
When prepping your polish, don't shake the bottle. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands. Shaking the polish creates air bubbles which are painting onto your nails. These air bubbles can cause your paint to chip faster, according to Cosmopolitan.
6. Save your polish
This last tip will help you save your favorite color if it starts to thicken. Forget adding nail polish remover to your polish (it can ruin the chemical makeup of your polish, according to More Beauty.) Instead, try nail lacquer thinner (just a few dollars at a beauty supply store). Alternatively, run your polish bottle under hot water and then roll it between your hands.
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